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Did I ever mention how much i love sunflowers?

Are you black, are you desi?

If not you need to take the dreads out and stop doing yoga. It’s cultural appropriation. 

What is Cultural Appropriation & How to Avoid it

Yoga cultural appropriation

Why are dreadlocks considered cultural appropriation?

"But the celtics…!!!111" argument

Wow ,
" you need to stop doing yoga "
How about you tell your argument to the millions of white people worldwide that practice Yoga.
Hair doesn’t belong to anyone, I hope you understand that the first hairstyles wore on this planet were dreadlocks.
You dont know anything about why I have dreads, so please before you call me a culture appropriator then have enough information to form an opinion about it

Well it’s nice to see a crock of shit response. 

Get this through your fucking skull

If you aren’t black or desi you don’t have the right to wear or practice those things. Is it that hard to say you are one/both of those if you feel so entitled to doing these acts of appropriation?

We tell white people everyday to stop appropriating cultures, and do they ever listen? It’s 1/10 that do. It’s people like you that make our fight harder all because of your fucking selfish reasons.

How do you think I don’t know enough info on dreads? 

Hair doesn’t belong to anyone, I hope you understand that the first hairstyles wore on this planet were dreadlocks. 

LMAO dis bitch actually thinks she’s entitled to wearing dreads tho…

also all the white people jumping on your bandwagon are just as guilty. ignorance comes in groups, nothing fucking new here.

I gave you a calm response to your comment on my photo? You why do you have to respond to calling me a bitch and saying ” get this through your fucking skull ” I am not going to change my lifestyle, and you have no business in telling me how to run my life, I’m not causing ANY harm with my lifestyle. There is no harm in exploring different cultures, I’m not claiming to be black or desi. I’m really sorry about all your angry, you’re not hurting anybody but yourself by letting out all this negative energy I hope you find some love in this world and I hope you find what you’re looking for, Much love

You sounded pretty pretentious and condescending to me. Not to mention you disrespected 2 cultures.

Hey but fuck my feelings right? It’s always been and will always be about yours.

Of course you’re not going to change your “lifestyle”. Your selfish needs are much more important than the people of two cultures combined! 

I hope this person realizes that beyond this photograph,  the use of a Ganesha gif and parroting namaste in their about section pretty much validates any accusation of racism by themselves.

I really wish people would stop this shit.

Gosh this too, and I didn’t even get to the point of addressing that.

How am I being racist ?! I’m researching and studying Buddhism, I’ve been to Buddhist temples.
I can’t believe this,. I am allowed to research, practice and study religions. It’s my personal choice.
Humanity has been copying eachother for thousands of years!! Seriously


studying and researching buddhism is irrelevant

it does excuse appropriation

it does not give you a free pass

cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation are two different things. you are appropriating cultures.

you still continue to act entitled to appropriation

appropriation is linked to racism

continue to act entitled and ignorant all you want

just shows you’re inherently racist

Please tell me how I am being a racist, oppressive bitch by appreciating other cultures, and researching about them? because I still have not heard a good argument about that from you.

well you just asked

and why do you expect me educate you when you have declined reading the sources I have provided? there is nothing to “argue” when there is one clear right and one clear wrong

but i’ll give you two basic meanings

what is cultural appreciation:

1. Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things.

what is cultural appropriation:

1. the act of setting apart or taking for one’s own use.

now you very well know how to look up and find these things. don’t expect PoC to educate you on every little thing, when you can easily find it on fucking google.

and do us all a favor and take a sociology class related on race/ethics. you’re eyes are fucking closed and you need to open them.

What is it with people who are supposedly trying to “fight against racism” on Tumblr are so often incredibly racist?

I’ll be this is the type of idiot who thinks that mixing races is basically evil, since we gotta keep the races pure! Because reasons.

I am Chinese and I see many problems with whiteopinionsrwhiteopinions’s repeated “cultural appropriation” argument.

First off, I have many Chinese relatives in China, some of who practice Buddhism, and some who don’t. Now I’ve visited some of these Buddhist temples myself and have seen many pray over and over all day during my visit to China. My grandmother herself does not practice Buddhism, but she was actually WELCOME to pray in the temple over the same ideas Buddhism had, life and enlightenment. She was allowed to perform an act in Buddhism without actually being a Buddhist. And other Buddhists were alright with that. So there’s nothing wrong with earthysoul doing it either. This culture isn’t being infringed upon.

Now since I’m not black or desi, I sense that me talking about dreadlocks will have no basis in argument, so I won’t argue about it any further than the following. Hairstyles are so minor in how someone’s character and identity actually is. From the link whiteopinionsrwhiteopinions has provided, dreadlocks seem to have a story behind it. It may make sense that someone would be offended by someone wearing dreadlocks, a spiritual symbol (assuming the information is correct), but do black or desi people know of the history of dreadlocks themselves? Many ideas within ethnic groups seem to lose meaning over time. My own parents, who have finished a college education in China, don’t seem to know EVERYTHING about Chinese history. Is the idea behind something as simple as a hairstyle supposed to be remembered by everyone in that ethnic group? And what about earthysoul here? Is she wearing dreadlocks because she wants to look black or desi? Or does she maybe just wear dreadlocks because she likes dreadlocks?

This is where this “cultural appropriation” comes in. Whiteopinionsrwhiteopinions is accusing earthysoul of being shallow for wearing dreadlocks because she is taking an aspect of someone else’s culture and practicing it. Now from the links that whtieopinionsrwhiteopinions have provided about cultural appropriation and it places special emphasis on how it’s wrong to take a sacred aspect of another culture and use it for the sole purpose of looking ethnic. This raises a number of questions. First off, are dreadlocks considered sacred? Now I admit, I know nothing about dreadlocks. Whether or not it’s sacred or it’s one of the first hairstyles, I don’t know. However, my guess would be that it’s just a hairstyle that many people wore, though I may be wrong. Second, is earthysoul trying to take dreadlocks and wear them for the sole purpose of looking ethnic? I don’t think so. In fact, I believe she isn’t trying to look black or desi at all. Maybe she’s wearing dreadlocks because…. she likes dreadlocks.

So since I was not black, I decided to ask a black friend about this dreadlocks issue. She did not wear dreadlocks because of the historical significance or sacred ideas behind them. No, she wore them because… they look good. “It’s just hair,” she says. And I think to everyone, that’s really what it is. Is she ignorant? I don’t think so. She’s been raised in black culture all her life. Anyone who wears dreadlocks most likely wears dreadlocks because they like it, not for some significant historical reason.

As for Buddhism, the same ideas about cultural appropriation apply here, raising similar questions. Now we know that Buddhism is a religion, something that Asian cultures may hold as sacred (or something similar) because it influences one’s entire way of life. But for the second question, is earthysoul trying to look more ethnic by practicing the Buddhist religion? Or is she actually trying to practice it because that’s what she believes in and is interested in learning more about?

Now I wonder if cultural appropriation is actually a bad thing 100% of the time. I can see why some practices of it can be offensive, but are all cases of cultural appropriation so severe? Now I am ethnically a Chinese person, but I was born and raised in America. I’ve always identified myself as an American person over a Chinese one because I’ve been surrounded by American morals, cultures, and ideas.

However, my parents were born in China and immigrated to America. While living here, they’ve changed much of their behavior to conform to the American society. They’ve taken many aspects about America as a culture and have started practicing it. Is it such a bad thing? I don’t believe so. I mean, their American practices of eating fast food, taking many vacations, and leaving tips at restaurants don’t seem to offend Americans around them. How about something sacred or important in American culture? Government? Religion? My father grew up in a communist society, where religion was practically outlawed at the time. Mao didn’t believe in the practice of religion during his regime. Yet, he became a religious man in America. Is this action of taking religion into his own culture a form of cultural appropriation? If so, is it bad? My parents both conformed to identify as Asian Americans. Not Asian. Asian AMERICAN. And I don’t think any Americans have been offended by their practice of some American culture.

But is it bad if they’ve been assimilated into American culture? What would they have done if they kept all Asian ideals and morals rather than adapting to the American ones? I believe they wouldn’t have been successful. They wouldn’t have gotten good jobs if they refused to adapt to American work ideals. For example, in Asian cultures, going to work sick means that you’re dedicated to your job, but in America, it’s deemed as irresponsible since you’ve endangered everyone’s health by spreading the disease. If my parents had gone to work sick instead of staying home, they may have gotten fired. Repeatedly.

How else would my parents be affected? I also believe they would focus more on money-making rather than a member of the family. Back in China, one is held in high regard if they have a large sum of money in their savings. Additionally, many Chinese parents work an incredible amount of hours, leaving many responsibilities to the child. Now on one hand, children do learn responsibility at an earlier age, but barely being able to see their parents has left them with a distant, weak relationship with their parents. I know of one girl from China, a good friend of mine. Her mother worked incredibly hard in China to accumulate a lot of money. But this took a heavy toll on their relationship with each other. My friend does not feel her mother cares about her. More about the money. This isn’t even remotely true, and she knows it, but this is how she feels about her mother. If my parents were workaholics, I would probably end up the same way. But no, my parents have balanced between work and family, keeping my brother and myself at a high priority in their lives. I respect them and love them for that. They are more like parents rather than just moneymakers, an idealized character in Chinese culture.

Now on a final note about my parents being assimilated, I feel as if it is completely necessary for them to be somewhat assimilated. Being completely assimilated is unnecessary, but they were still able to retain much of the Chinese culture in their lives, such as the Chinese New Year and other Chinese festivals and holidays they celebrate, eating mooncakes during moon-related festivals, etc. My parents were successfully able to practice both American and Chinese aspects of culture in their lives. Is it such a bad thing that they don’t practice only Chinese culture? No. If they wanted to retain Chinese culture without practicing American culture, they would have stayed in isolated rural China.

Now on a final note about cultural appropriation in general. How do I feel about it? How would I feel if someone took aspects of Chinese life and practiced it themselves? Not offended. Would it be better to gauge my judgment on this if I actually witnessed cultural appropriation? Let’s see.

In second grade, we were all studying China and its culture. We all took a field trip to a Chinese restaurant. What did the students do? They participated in Chinese culture by eating Chinese food and eating with chopsticks. I felt more excited about the “wow, I’m eating with chopsticks” kind of cultural appropriation rather than the “wow, chopsticks are interesting” kind of cultural appreciation.

Or how about fifth grade, when one classmate dressed in traditional Chinese attire for picture day? Did I feel offended? No. I didn’t feel offended then, and looking back at that picture, I don’t feel offended now.

Now this has never happened to me, but what if someone dressed as a very stereotypical Asian person in front of me? Would I feel offended? No, I’d probably just feel that person is weird, unless if there was a specific event regarding Chinese culture, such as a festival held in a major American city. It’s like cosplay. If someone cosplayed at school out of the blue, that might be strange. But going to Comic-Con, that’s completely normal.

Now look, as a PoC who has given all these reasons and insights on cultural appropriation. Am I brainwashed? Assimilated into American culture myself? Too biased towards the “white opinion?” No. I’ve had these insights before I even heard the term “cultural appropriation.” I was asked whether I felt oppressed as an Asian in America. My answer that I made on the spot consisted of these ideas. These are my own opinions. Not America’s. Mine.

So whiteopinionsrwhiteopinions, why would you believe cultural appropriation is so bad? Perhaps you see her attire and are making prejudiced judgments yourself. By seeing someone who isn’t black or desi wear dreadlocks, perhaps you feel uncomfortable because that isn’t the typical “white person” look. That in itself is racist. I understand why cultural appropriation can be bad, but someone taking a serious interest and practice in other cultures is NOT cultural appropriation. Earthysoul is NOT taking a sacred idea just to look ethnic for fun. She’s taking sacred ideas and implementing them into her own identity, allowing it to affect her own morals and way of life.

On this whole topic of racism, you are racist, whiteopinionsrwhiteopinions.

First off, you’re using cultural appropriation to preserve the image of an ethnic group or race, especially whites. You feel uncomfortable when you see something out of place, like a white person who isn’t following white culture. It’s as if white people has to follow white culture, blacks with black culture, Asians with Asian culture. If you see an Asian in America, you’d probably end up offending them if you ask if they drink tea during every meal.

Second, you are completely misinterpreting earthysoul’s intentions of wearing dreadlocks and practicing Buddhism, branding it as cultural appropriation. I sense you’re blaming this white girl just to make yourself feel above her, as if your morals are better than everyone else’s because you see a racism no one else does. And the fact you brought up that PoC educate this white girl on every little thing? It makes you racist. It shows how you place PoC above white people. That is racist.

And lastly, you don’t seem to listen to what any white people are saying. Anything they say rejecting their racism is automatically racist, because obviously they’re racist and they always try to hide it. Guess what? Here’s a PoC telling you that a white person isn’t being racist. Perhaps this will open your eyes. You probably think that only PoC’s views on racism are valid. And if someone who is a PoC, me, is telling you that you’re racist, you’ve got problems. And if you still don’t realize it, you’ve got more problems.

And on the subject of social justice itself. Too many people do this way wrong. You don’t do social justice by blaming the oppressive group. Especially when not all white people are oppressive. Blaming whites just leads to more racism. Not all white people are bad. And to any of you who say that only white people say it? Well here’s a Chinese person who’s saying it. He didn’t write all of this for no reason.

So if any of you are like this, or in any resemblance to whiteopinionsrwhiteopinions, please kindly shut the FUCK up. You’re fucking hypocrites. Fuck off.

TL;DR - whiteopinionsrwhiteopinions is racist, the pictured girl earthysoul is not, and anyone who does social justice incorrectly need to fuck off and get some brains.

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